The most important and first holiday in a student’s life is a celebration in honor of initiation into university students! In line with these traditions, on October 24 this year in the large assembly hall of the International University named after K.Sh. Toktomamatov (MNU, Jalal-Abad) a celebration was held in honor of the initiation of first-year students into MNU students. At the named celebration, the administration of MNU congratulated the first-year students on their first student holiday, solemnly handed them a symbolic student card, a symbolic grade book and the key of knowledge of MNU. The Directorate of the Cultural and Aesthetic Center and the Committee for Youth Affairs of the MNU, having united the student activists of the university, presented a festive concert with the participation of the best pop singers, dance groups and KVN teams of the university. In general, the celebration in honor of the initiation of first-year students into MNU students was held at a high organizational level and in the spirit of the best traditions of the university! From the bottom of our hearts, we congratulate the first-year students on their initiation into MNU students and wish them success in their studies!


Career Guidance and Public Relations Service of the Moscow National University

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