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Quarter of the century in higher education

international relations, economics, management, jurisprudence, Internet technology, tourism, pedagogy, philology (bachelor, undergraduate, postgraduate and college)

From the history of INU:

K.Sh. Toktomamatov

International University named after K.Sh. Toktomamatov was established on April 1, 1993 according to the Decree (decree No. VII-100 of 1.04.1993)  of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic on the basis of the Jalal-Abad Cooperative Technical Unions and the Jalal-Abad Cooperative School. The institute was originally called the Jalal-Abad Commercial Institute. Further, as a qualitative and quantitative growth progressed, it was called the Academy of Economy and Enterprise, then the University of Economy and Enterprise. The first Rector and the President of the university was Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Academician of the RAM Kantoro Sharipovich Toktomamatov, who made a significant personal contribution to the opening, formation and development of the university. Since 2018, the university as became known International University named after K.Sh. Toktomamatov. The first alumnus of graduates with the

S. A. Omurzakov

academic degree of bachelor took place in 1997.  Since that time the INU has graduated more than 16 thousand specialists (11 thousand higher education, 5 thousand colleges) which is successfully work today in different sectors and in different directions (international relations, economics, finance, business, law enforcement agencies, production, agriculture, information technology, education system, tourism, etc.) in the Kyrgyz Republic, in far and near abroad. Today, the Rector of  INU  Doctor of Economic sciences, Professor, Academician of RAM Satybaldy Ashymovich Omurzakov, Scientist who made a significant contribution to the development of Economic Sciences, an experienced educator and a good leader. 

INU rights to educational activities, awards, memberships in the international organizations, diplomas of INU:

From the first days of INU conducted its activities with the availability of relevant licenses, certification documents and accreditation certificates. And now INU has in all its areas and specialties of training specialists with higher and secondary vocational education has all the relevant licenses of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, these are licenses №LC150000547 (2015),  №LD170000840 (2017), №LD180000352 (2018), №LS180001345 (2018), №LS190001414 (2019), №LS190001429 (2019), etc., as well as INU in 2018-2021 passed all the relevant accreditation of independent accreditation agencies, as a result of which the following certificates of the Agency for Accreditation of Educational Programs and Organizations were issued: №VK180000045, №VK190001304, №VU190000179, №VK190000595, №VK190000601, №VK190000586 In addition, educational activities, diplomas of INU are recognized by a number of international organizations (European Union, CIS, Turkey).

 INU and its leadership were awarded the MILLENNIUM AWARD, the INTELLECT OF NATION International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Business, Science and Culture leaders in the city of Moscow, and the European Business Assembly. INU is a member of the Great Charter of Universities, which unites 750 universities in the world.

             INU issues to alumnus diplomas of the state model of the Kyrgyz Republic, the model of universities of the Turkish Republic, as well as the European appendix to the diploma in English in accordance with the requirements of the relevant organizations and institutions of the European Union.

Quality, material and technical base, anti-corruption mechanisms, personnel, security

Credo of INU "High-quality education is a guarantee of the future!." The general activity of INU is based on the installation that "Harmony in education, researches and economics!" All branches of INU in work clearly adhere to the stated credits and installations. At the same time, the Department of Quality Control and Assurance of Education and Accreditation operates in the INU with regard to quality training of specialists. In order to ensure transparency, openness and anticipation of corruption actions, the INU operates the AVN automated management information system, as well as the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption. The university campus is located on the territory of 31 thousand 718 sq.m. Besides in the Arstanbap tourist recreation area there is an area of 3 thousand 250 sq.m. The student dormitory of INU is designed for 250 seats. The Security Service operates on the campus. The training process involved 275 units of computers, projectors and interactive boards - 21, printers - 62 units. The library fund of MNU is 90 thousand textbooks, textbooks and other related literature. The Central Library of the university has an electronic library. All INU branches are provided with Internet communication, and Wi-Fi is installed everywhere. All INU squares are under video surveillance. The faculty of INU has 200 employees, and 40 of them have the degree of  Doctor of Sciences, Candidate of Sciences, PhD, academic title of Professor, Docent. 

The main structural divisions, directions and specialties of INU:

± Institute of Continuing Open Education; ± International Kyrgyz-Turkish Institute; ± Humanitarian and Economic College; ± International Kyrgyz-Turkish College; ± International Medical College; ± International Kyrgyz-Turkish Lyceum; ± «Bamby» Preschool Educational and Educational Center.

In addition, the university has short-term professional courses, as well as a driving school.

Directions, profiles and specialties:

- higher education - "International relations" ("Foreign economic relations and international cooperation"), "Economics" ("Finance and credit", "Accounting, analysis and audit", "Economics and management at the enterprise"), Management (Management Organization), "Jurisprudence", "Internet technologies and management", "Tourism", "Philological education" (Turkish/Kyrgyz/Russian language and literature), "Pedagogy" ("Pedagogy and methodology of primary education"), "Physical culture";

- secondary professional education (colleges) - accountant, financiers, tax officers, bank employees, lawyers, managers, primary school teachers, English language teachers and translators, physical education teachers, kindergarten teachers, nurses, pharmacists, obstetricians, paramedics, as well as information technology specialists; tourism, hotel services, public catering, road transport,

social work, garment technologies, etc.

The INU has undergraduate master degree in Economics, Management, Jurisprudence, as well as postgraduate studies in economics and law.

Forms of education: full-time and distance learning. Languages of teaching: Kyrgyz, Russian, Turkish and English. Tuition is carried out on a contract basis (paid).

Address and communication facilities: Kyrgyz Republic, Jalal-Abad city, microdistrict "Sputnik", st. Jengi-Jok-30;

tel .: +996 3722 51811, 51687, mobile phone: +996 778 200877, +996 777 613659;

website:; e-mail: